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Leisure and entertainment

Our guests are kindly invited to make the most of their free time with the range of treatments and services our installations have to offer for beauty, health and relaxation. You’ll find a gym, a massage parlor and a luxurious sauna at your disposal. After you feel fresh and revitalized by our dedicated staff, you’ll be ready for an exciting sightseeing trip or a romantic candlelight dinner at the Preobrazhensky restaurant.

Our sauna is the perfect complement to your holiday. Its interiors and benevolent atmosphere will help you leave all worries behind.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is always topical. Physical activity, proper nutrition and a positive attitude pave the way for a prepossessing figure and a state of well-being.

The Sed'moye Nyebo beauty salon at Avrora provides a wide range of beauty and hairdressing services to enhance and rejuvenate your looks through an approach with due consideration to the individual features of the guest as a whole.

Nothing like a massage can release the stagnant energy and channel it into the realization of your plans. Maximize your wellness and vitality.

Гостиница «Аврора» Белгород